• The Gallery at the Madison was a concept conceived through a desire to beautify the lobby of the Center, provide a chance for the community, Madison families, and students to experience substantial works of visual arts. Through the process of conceptualization, it was recognized that throughout Arizona there is an abundance of artists without the outlet to show their extraordinary works.  

    This spurred the desire to create a gallery that could not only benefit local artists with a beautiful space to show their work but by creating opportunities for the students of Madison School District to experience and learn from skilled artists that desire to give back to the community. Opportunities for students to engage and experience the arts will only increase through the donations received from the sale of each work of art sold at The Gallery to the Madison Education Foundation. 

  • About Bryson Bost

    Through patterns and hatchwork, Bryson aims to provide an optimal viewing point from every distance. Whether eyes are inches from his work, or ten feet away, those who choose to explore his paintings are
    rewarded with whimsical moments. A collection of moments, after all,
    have been harnessed for the viewer, where the enigmatic intricacies populating his compositions offer a certain newness with each gaze.
    Bost was greatly influenced by the Mesoamerican cultures woven throughout Central Mexico, and while receiving guidance at the Instituto Allende in Guanajuato, the Azteca frequency amplified his creative process.
    As an artist, Bryson is committed to working,‘free-hand,’ where the act of
    sketching is bypassed.With tools of permanence, and risk ever present, it is amongst this unrestrained space that he is most comfortable.
    Though having spent his formative years on California’s Central Coast, Bryson emerged as a Bay Area artist. Debuting in Oakland, with subsequent exhibitions in San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
    His detailed abstractions have since been positioned in galleries
    from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho to Phoenix,Arizona.


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