• The Gallery at the Madison was a concept conceived through a desire to beautify the lobby of the Center, provide a chance for the community, Madison families, and students to experience substantial works of visual arts. Through the process of conceptualization, it was recognized that throughout Arizona there is an abundance of artists without the outlet to show their extraordinary works.  

    This spurred the desire to create a gallery that could not only benefit local artists with a beautiful space to show their work but by creating opportunities for the students of Madison School District to experience and learn from skilled artists that desire to give back to the community. Opportunities for students to engage and experience the arts will only increase through the donations received from the sale of each work of art sold at The Gallery to the Madison Education Foundation. 

  • About Elena V. Pierson

    Elena V. Pierson is an emerging, Arizona-born artist specializing in abstract painting and sculpture.  Deeply inspired in personal experiences, Elena uses acrylic, ink, and sculpture welding to transform her intangible emotions into tangible pieces. Elena’s energetic personality and desire to ignite the love of expression into young artists through teaching experiences is a professional goal for her. 

    “When I was around five, a close family friend told my mother I was someone who only knew how to feel at full volume. If I was happy, you could hear it for miles. If I was upset, the downward spiral would be deafening. Twenty years later, this observation still holds true.”

    The pieces in this collection are a reflection of a life felt at full volume. No brush stroke was pre-meditated, but rather a visceral reaction to an idea, image, or emotion that at some point became loud enough to feel. Experiencing life at such high volumes gripped me for the first quarter of my life, transforming these feelings into art has brought me a future of movement, joy, and healing.

Object Permanence
Object Permanence #2