Sylvie's Holiday Ballet

Sylvie's Holiday Ballet December 11-12, 2021

Presented by DanceMotion Performing Company
The morning before their village's big holiday celebration, Sylvie and Maman awaken and head out to shop for Sylvie's Christmas present. While in town, Sylvie's friends invite her to observe their ballet classes where she realizes that, more than anything else in the world, she wishes to become a ballerina. Unfortunately, Maman cannot afford the ballet lessons Sylvie dreams of. Instead, Sylvie chooses a pair of pointe shoes she sees hanging in the window of the local cobbler's shop to be her Christmas gift, however, she then notices a young girl whose family cannot afford to buy shoes and decides to purchase shoes for the child instead of for herself.
Come see what happens when Sylvie's selfless gift is noticed and dreams just may become... reality.


Saturday, December 11th @ 2pm - BUY NOW

Saturday, December 11th @ 7pm - BUY NOW

Sunday, December 12th @ 2pm - BUY NOW