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TIME & PLACE: Contemplations of landscapes and color

Show Opening January 26 | 5-7 p.m.

Meet Artist

Bob diercksmeier

june 7th, 2024


bob diercksmeier

As an Arizona native, I’ve always had a love for the landscape here. The Sonoran desert has a vibrant energy
that can be felt in the waves of heat and the buzz of the insects on a hot summer day. It also has a quiet
mystery that can be felt at night, or on a cool winter morning.
Themes I try to portray in my abstract landscape work include balance and continuity. The desert strikes a
constant balance between movement and stillness, noise and silence, mystery and reality — I use color and
shape in my attempts to communicate these qualities. The continuity of life in the desert, especially the
enduring varieties of desert cacti and succulents, has always amazed me. Through the use of a continuous line
in some of my pieces (my one-line cactus drawings and paintings), I try to convey the ongoing spirit of life
in spite of the harsh extremes of the desert climate.
Color is a central visual element in my work, and the palette I use ranges from subtle earth tones to vibrant,
saturated fields of color. Shape is another component I utilize — I use abstracted shapes to represent natural
elements including Earth, Sky, Water, Sun and Moon. Color, shape, and line (including the aforementioned
continuous line) are the main visual elements I use in my work to depict the unique pulse of the desert landscape.
The rhythm and harmony of the desert, and the perseverance of life in its extreme environment are the primary
inspirations behind my work, and I strive to give a sense of the vitality and magic of the desert southwest in
every piece I create.

Instagram: @bdabstracts