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FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2023


southwest contemporary artist

Julia's Paintings evolve
over time in periods of inqury and response.

Using acrylic paint, ink, graphite, and mark-making media, she layers gestural marks -until they build into a coherent visual dialogue.

With color and motion as her tools, Julie strives to capture the magic of the world that she felt as a child. When she steps into the studio, she welcomes back her child-like wonderment and freedom that allows her to reveal intriguing connections, hidden meanings, and universal truths. She’s continually inspired by the bold, rich beauty of the Sonoran desert.

Julie was raised in southern California but discovered her love for the desert in her grandparent’s Tucson backyard, where she spent summers watering the cactus and capturing horny toads. A part-time artist throughout her life, she happily returned to her love of art full-time when she retired from nursing in 2014. She currently enjoys a daily painting practice in the home studio of her north Phoenix home and exhibits her work regularly throughout the valley. Her work is held in both corporate and private collections throughout the country.