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Art of Life, Love of Art Edgar Alejandro Gamez Sosa

Edgar Alejandro Gamez Sosa is an abstract painter from Phoenix, Arizona. Edgar’s love for art came at a very young age. His family are all artists! He remembers always being surrounded by works from Diego, Frida, and Picasso in his childhood home. 

He learned a lot of his methods through different forms of art. As a child, he used papier-mâché and balloons to make superhero masks. As he got older he watched another student in art class graffiti his name. Edgar asked him to tag his name, which immediately changed his love for art! He couldn’t stop thinking about letters! During his high school years, he visited the Phoenix Art Museum where he had another life-changing experience realizing at that point he wanted to paint canvas. 

Hidden Colors of the Arizona Desert Julie Tarsha

Using acrylic paint, ink, graphite, and mark-making media, she layers gestural marks -until they build into a coherent visual dialogue.

With color and motion as her tools, Julie strives to capture the magic of the world that she felt as a child. When she steps into the studio, she welcomes back her child-like wonderment and freedom that allows her to reveal intriguing connections, hidden meanings, and universal truths. She’s continually inspired by the bold, rich beauty of the Sonoran desert.


Into the Wild: A Journey of Mindfulness, Imagination, & Presence Bryson Bost

Bryson Bost is a maximalist painter who is dedicated to the immersive nature of details. He aims to provide an optimal viewing point from every distance through patterns and hatchwork.

Through this viewing point, Bost hopes that all those who choose to explore his paintings are rewarded with whimsical moments no matter how far they may be from the painting.


The Future is Art; The Future is Now
Elena V. Pierson

Elena V. Pierson is an emerging, Arizona-born artist specializing in abstract painting and sculpture. Deeply inspired by personal experiences, Elena uses acrylic, ink, and sculpture welding to transform her intangible emotions into tangible pieces. Elena’s energetic personality and desire to ignite the love of expression into young artists through teaching experiences is a professional goal for her.

Legacy: Works by Narciso Piu
Narciso Piu

Piu’s Italian background and New York advertising firm experience are reflected in his art. His unique illustrative and Machiavellian point of view has been featured in newspapers and magazines. His Tribute to Native Americans collection was awarded the Ribbon of Excellence at the Festival of Fine Arts in Anthem, Arizona, and has been displayed three times at the Mayo Clinic Art Collection at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona, and at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Piu died peacefully in his home in Phoenix, AZ on May 15, 2020


Vibrant Hope
Holly Anderson

Contemporary abstract artist Holly Anderson specializes in both organic and textural canvas works, as well as customized large-scale art installations brightening many high-rise office buildings and hotels. Her art is also in Private Collections, Worldwide.

Holly is known as a real, natural artist. She has an intuitive mind and eye when it comes to materials, color, and form that borders on the spiritual. In each of her pieces, you will find composition, abstraction, organic movement, emotion, fluency, texture and light. Most of her paintings and ideas are inspired by Internal Arts, human emotion, water and astrophysics.


Vibrant Hope
Alisha Anglin

Born and raised on Long Island, Alisha Anglin currently lives and works as a Professional Abstract Artist in Phoenix, AZ. She is self-taught and started painting at the young age of 10. For her, art is a way of living and a means through which she makes sense of the chaotic events in life. Anglin’s bold abstract compositions are created in abstract expressionist, cubist, and gestural styles. She paints intuitively using acrylics on canvas and has an extensive portfolio of artwork in various styles. The beauty of imperfection is explored through applying geometric and wild patterns to deliberately distorted forms, challenging the inherent perfectionist Alisha is at heart. You can tell by her prismatic and electrifying colors, every piece of artwork she has painted has been one of a kind. The evocative effects of her paintings will vary depending on the interests and experiences as a collaboration Is established between the viewer and Artist as the viewer enters the Abstract world of each painting.